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Re: Derma & Earth®

We aim to develop environmentally-conscious products through "Renovation" of raw materials with potential industrial uses that have yet to be discovered! This new brand from Technoble, "Re:Derma&Earth®," has been commercialized based on the concept of "Renovation." The idea for "Renovation" was born from the integration of "Re," representing "Renewal," and "Innovation." With this idea in mind, we strive to contribute to users' skin (derma) and the Earth.

Re: Derma & Earth ® product information

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Refigo® Fig Bark Extract

Nutrient-rich branches thought to serve no purpose

Habikino City in Osaka Prefecture is blessed with quality water, fertile soil, and an ideal climate for growing figs. In fact, the city thrives on fig cultivation, which is not well known. One of the essential tasks of growing sweet and aromatic fig fruits is pruning in winter. Fig branches are packed with nutrients in winter, but there has been no way to utilize them.

Figs grown in Habikino, Osaka Prefecture

Introducing Re: Derma & Earth®

With the aim of effective utilization of pruned fig branches from Habikino City, Osaka Prefecture, we performed R&D focused on the barrier function of the branch's bark. This resulted in successful development of Refigo®, an essence that works very effectively on the honey layer, which has a barrier function in the skin. Refigo® works effectively to promote ceramide synthesis, which is vital for the barrier function of the honey layer.

Fig branch pruning

Effect of Refigo® on the ceramides synthesis

Refigo® Ability to promote ceramide synthesis in the skin and formation of a healthy honey layer while repairing the damage to the layer caused by drying and stress.

Ability to revitalize your skin to its original state  – fine and beautiful.

Refigo®'s outstanding barrier function repairing effect

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Reshoobam® Bamboo Shoot Bark Extract

Large volumes of unutilized by-product.

The western part of Japan, from Shikoku to Kyushu, is a major region of bamboo shoot production. The red argillaceous soil of Ehime Prefecture is perfect for growing quality bamboo shoots. Large numbers of harvested bamboo shoots are processed into products, such as by boiling them in spring water, and a large volume of bamboo shoot bark is produced as a by-product. However, a way to recycle them effectively has yet to be found.

Bamboo forest in Ehime Prefecture

Introducing Re: Derma & Earth®

Aiming at effective utilization of the barks of bamboo shoots produced in Ehime Prefecture, we carried out R&D and succeeded in developing Reshoobam®, an essence that has outstanding anti-aging effects. Bamboo shoots have rhizomes that can extend across a mountain, reinforcing the mountain’s foundation. Reshoobam® has the ability to promote synthesis of dermal components such as hyaluronic acid and collagen, reinforcing the skin’s foundation.

Moso Bamboo

Promotion effect of Reshoobam® on dermal collagen synthesis.

Reshoobam® Able to promote synthesis of hyaluronic acid/collagen, which is gradually lost with age, while building the healthy dermis.

Ability to revitalize your skin to its wrinkle-free and firm state

Reshoobam®’s outstanding anti-aging effect

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