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Our Principles

Shigeru Sawaki

Chairman, Technoble Co., Ltd.


He has served as a board member and trustee for Osaka University of Pharmaceutical Sciences and as vice-chairman of the Japan-Thailand Trade Association. He now serves as trustee of Kansai Nikikai Public Interest Incorporated Association and executive secretary of the Kansai Association of Corporate Executives.

He has served as vice-chairman of the Agricultural Policy Committee, as vice-chairman of the Healthcare Reform Committee, and as vice-chairman of the Citizens Council Promotional Committee. He now serves as vice-chairman of the Company executive committee.

A Message from our President

Technoble Co., Ltd. celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2011.

Since its establishment, our company has focused on the research and development of topical skin-care ingredients that are powerful and effective toward skin brightening and whitening, anti-aging, moisture retention, antioxidation, and hair growth.

As we provide technological solutions to our customers, we put safety and reliability first, ensuring quality control while continually making comprehensive improvements to our technology through patents, pharmaceutical compliance, analyses and safety tests. These are the keys to providing the powerful, effective products our customers need.

We have also set our sights on markets in the United States, the EU, other European countries, and Asia. We hope that we can create opportunities to assist customers globally and provide solutions to people around the world whose desire is to look beautiful and feel youthful.

Throughout its research and development of powerful and effective skin-care ingredients, Technoble has made the importance of beauty and human encounters its fundamental basis. Beauty is a cultural value, and we hope that its creation can lay the foundations for better human relationships. Human encounters provide the mutual opportunity to experience the joy of discovering the unknown. Technoble hopes to use its technology to reinvigorate modern society.

Here at Technoble, we have a track record of developing and producing innovative, powerful, and effective products in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical sectors, and we are committed to further technological advancement and the ongoing pursuit of true beauty in the future.


Shigetoyo Sawaki

President, Technoble Co., Ltd.

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