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About Our Bussiness Working with our customers

Technoble's fundamental mission is to "collaborate with our customers and provide useful products." To help solve consumer skin trouble, we not only develop unique ingredients that are dermatologically proven to be effective, but we also work together with our customers' cosmetics development from the planning stage, and our sales and proposals department can propose optimal solutions for an endless variety of concepts.

Development Philosophy

Technoble’s fundamental mission is to “collaborate with our customers and provide useful products.” We feel this way because for us, making customers and consumers happy is an invaluable asset. To make sure that customers and consumers are satisfied, then, we work hard to collaborate on cosmetics development from the planning stage, brainstorm together with the customer, and provide optimal suggestions and solutions.

The Technoble Advantage

1 Competitive Research and Products

Our cutting-edge equipment lets us develop safe, reliable, and effective products. We use the latest dermatological findings to create highly-effective ingredients and respond flexibly with product development and functional development based on customer needs to help our customers in their endeavors.


2 Competitive Planning and Business Development

We have discussions with the customer directly so that we can provide analysis and planning that meet the customer’s needs. Additionally, we are involved not only in supplying products, but also in the planning stage: we use an integrated approach to planning that involves the customer as we explore new markets, offer products with high market appeal, and promote sales.


3 Competitive Quality and Production Capabilities

The effective ingredients we develop are all produced at our GMP-compliant plant and delivered directly to our customers. Instead of relying on machines alone, we have decided to also do some things by hand in order to take proper care of natural materials that are difficult to handle and ensure the highest quality possible. Also, our ISO9001-certified system helps guarantee true customer satisfaction.


Patents and Pharmaceutical Applications

Patent applications, pharmaceutical applications, and intangible product quality — we take care of it all. We are actively involved in acquiring patents, which are crucial elements of our customers’ success. Our substantial experience in obtaining approval for quasi-drugs also enables us to get results quickly.


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